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Passenger security

Our designers, suppliers and fitters of sorting chains (luggage handling system and automatic tray return system (ATRS)) have helped us develop our activity in the airport sector. Thanks to the experience we have gained over many years working for our clients, our solutions will fully meet your expectations.

The ATRS is a solution designed to improve and thereby facilitate the flow of passengers to security. Inspection and screening stations are evolving from day to day and airports want turnkey, stand-alone and changing solutions. This is where Alfyma, with its experience in airports and logistics, plays the role of a solution integrator.

ModularityEach airport is different and has different needs and requirements. This requires a flexible, customer-centric approach to adapt to the design and set-up of the airport without compromising on costs or safety. Our ATRS system consists of a wide range of modules.

Flow - interfacesAn ATRS in which multiple factors affect flow. This keeps the control equipment in motion and helps to avoid unnecessary stops that affect the flow.

Passenger experienceAesthetics and good design greatly influence passenger experience and reduce stress. The lines have been designed to make the security process logical and intuitive. Some configurations allow passengers to load 2 or 3 trays at a time, maximising passenger flow and saving time.

Set-upSpace on the ground is at a premium in airport security zones. Our safety check lines are made up of modular components. Their flexible design makes it possible to form various configurations, optimising use of the available space in terminals.

PersonalisationAlfyma lines can be customised according to your wishes and needs in terms of appearance and design. We provide you with many different colours. Corporate logos can also be incorporated.

Centralised remote protectionCentralised remote checking allows airports to centralise their operations in a control room where X ray images are analysed. At the same time, one or more operators can check multiple images on multiple lines. This makes it possible to optimise image checks. The same operator can analyse the images of several security screening machines in a remote room.

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Passenger security

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