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Corporate social responsibility

Striving for a better impact on society

ALFYMA Airport | Our Committments

Our Committments

People are at the heart of the company's success and the sustainable development approach. They play a key role in implementation and helping our employees to meet our commitments. These include transferring skills from one generation to the next, maintaining employment, providing access to capital and fostering learning.

ALFYMA Airport | Fostering employee diversity

Fostering employee diversity

Within the company's overall payroll, we note an increase in the proportion of young graduates, older employees and workers with disabilities.

ALFYMA Airport | Welcoming young people and adults

Welcoming young people and adults

ALFYMA welcomes young people and adults on training or professional integration programmes through apprenticeship contracts and/or professionalisation contracts.

ALFYMA Airport | Maintaining the quality of employment

Maintaining the quality of employment

ALFYMA has put in place, in addition to an employment plan, a policy of integration and accompaniment as well as annual career interviews.

ALFYMA Airport | Reducing our ecological footprint

Reducing our ecological footprint

Alfyma has adopted measures in favour of public transport, car-pooling and car-sharing, and also participates a transport ticket purchase scheme.

ALFYMA Airport | Ecological manufacturing process

Ecological manufacturing process

Alfyma encourages ecologically friendly design activities in the design office as well as ecologically sustainable manufacturing in the workshop.

ALFYMA Airport | Ensuring health and safety at work

Ensuring health and safety at work

Alfyma has also implemented various health and safety-related measures in the company: an information and prevention programme on occupational health and safety, as well as an annual training plan.

Alfyma's priority is to provide all the necessary resources for its employees to work safely on our client's sites. Alfyma attaches particular importance to the training of its staff and compliance with requirements to wear suitable collective and personal protective equipment (CPE and PPE).

From the moment a client makes an offer to the implementation of on-site maintenance, we examine the safety of our employees. We have reduced the number of accidents at work and increased preventive action on personal injuries and harm to health.

ALFYMA Airport | Environnment


We are aware of environmental challenges and are attentive to your needs and demands. The integrated management system is enhanced in our company. Alfyma complies with current legal requirements and other requirements (concerning clients or the environment etc.)

• Preventing environmental pollution
• Resource consumption is optimised
• Energy consumption of products is reduced
• We are continuously improving the integrated management system and associated

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Corporate social responsibility

People are central to the success of our company and our approach to sustainable development. They play a pivotal role in establishing and supporting our employees in fulfilment of our commitments.

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