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Our waranted Services

Alfyma is an expert in the airport sector

ALFYMA Airport | Advice and design

Advice and design

Our engineers and project managers are on hand to support you in the design and construction phase

ALFYMA Airport | Manufacture and set-up

Manufacture and set-up

The experience of our skilled and experienced teams in the airport sector allows ALFYMA to manufacture and assemble your systems in very competitive time frames according to the degree of urgency.

ALFYMA Airport | Automatism and electricity

Automatism and electricity

Our team of automation specialists will help you throughout the execution of your project in industrial electricity and automation, covering functional analyses, computation reports, circuit diagrams, automaton programming, operator interfaces and monitoring.

ALFYMA Airport | Adaptation


Regardless of whether Alfyma has designed or manufactured your systems, we can adapt new parameters to your existing lines to improve their efficiency, reliability and safety.

ALFYMA Airport | Commissioning


Depending on your specific requirements, our teams will commission your systems. Our insurance cover will give you total peace of mind.

ALFYMA Airport | Maintenance


Our priority is to ensure your production lines function properly, guaranteeing the maximum performance and optimum profitability of your systems. We respect this commitment because it is your success that builds confidence. We are 100% in our dealings with you to provide you with the best maintenance and assistance services for your needs. Our technicians are available 24/7 and we work within a few hours to maintain and/or repair your systems.

ALFYMA Airport | + Maintenance contract

+ Maintenance contract

Our after-sales service can offer you preventive and curative maintenance for your system. The maintenance work performed by our teams includes several steps:
1. Definition of your requirements upstream by our design office
2. Work on your site
3. Creation of a report following the work
4. Set-up of a CMMS, possible with a permanent maintenance contract.

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ALFYMA | À votre service depuis 1974

Our waranted Services

Our experience in the airport sector and our qualified and experienced teams allow us to manufacture and assemble your systems in very competitive time frames according to the degree of urgency.

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