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Quality Engineering

Alfyma engineers produce new systems and facilities every day.

ALFYMA Recycling | Design Office

Design Office

A design office dedicated to the airport sector will meet your needs. Upstream of the construction of new baggage sorting lines (if an existing line needs to be rebuilt or improved), our engineers and technicians integrate each of your requirements to optimally adapt adapt to your needs. Alfyma is equipped with the latest design software to make the best use of its staff’s skills.

They aim to:

• Design automated systems;

• Design all types of products;

• Design special products;

• Define implementation plans and parts details.

ALFYMA Recycling | Project Management

Project Management

A new project is opened as soon as an offer becomes a contract. A project manager is appointed as the client’s primary contact throughout the project. He is surrounded by a project team comprising a technical manager in each area: purchases, design and implementation etc.

The project manager has an essential co-ordinating function both internally with the technical managers and externally with the client and suppliers. He is tasked with delivering to you a turnkey system while adhering to the work plan and budget and guaranteeing fulfilment of performance obligations and customer satisfaction.

• Establishing customer relations,

• Manage project progress;

• Guaranteeing fulfilment of performance obligations.

ALFYMA Recycling | Our objectives

Our objectives

We aim to offer a customised service, specifically a turnkey service. Our technicians and engineers design, manufacture, build, integrate and service all types of baggage conveyors. We aim to deal with all problems.

ALFYMA Recycling | Our Commitments

Our Commitments

• Our products: Whatever your handling issue, we will make you an offer, from proposing solutions through to manufacturing and implementation. Quality guaranteed.

• Our know-how: thanks to the know-how of our engineers and technicians as well as the cutting-edge technologies our company uses, we adapt as close as possible to our clients’ requirements to provide complete solutions in the field of baggage conveyor systems.

• Quality of our products: All our baggage conveyor systems are fully designed by our design office then produced and assembled in our workshops in France and Portugal. It is only after this pre-assembly that the machines are assembled on site.

• Compliance: We comply with current legal requirements and other requirements (concerning clients etc.) relating to health risks, dangers at work and environmental hazards.

• Which relate to its dangers in terms of health, work and environment.

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Quality Engineering

We aim to offer a customised and turnkey service. Our technicians and engineers design, manufacture, build, integrate and service all types of baggage conveyors.

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