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Departure and Arrival

Registration bank (departure)
ALFYMA check-in kiosks are designed to facilitate passenger travel by offering fast and efficient check-in. All our banks are manufactured by our engineers with the aim of satisfying the specific requirements of each airport. Economy Our recording banks offer better ergonomics for both passengers and airport staff. The low height of the carpets and the inclined access makes the handling of heavy luggage easier.
Our recording solutions are available in different models and adapt to any kind of configuration. Maintenance Our conveyors ensure smooth transportation of luggage. They allow recording and maintenance staff to work safely and easily.
Carousel (arrived)
Alfyma now offers quieter carousels with friction technology that has become the least maintenance-intensive in the future. Our carousels consist of standard structural elements with support, consisting of one or more motorized modules, tensioner module, transport chains with guide rollers, transport tray, lateral coating and control unit. ALFYMA carousels have a modular form allowing quick installation and easy integration into an existing system.

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Departure and Arrival

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